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Structural Stability Analysis

The new site builds and existing Telecom site upgrades require structural stability analysis. From conducting Technical audits on new or existing sites to due diligence, Tower capacity assessment, Strengthening assessments, or any other Electrical or Mechanical assessments, We provide this service. Our experienced and competent teams act fast to conduct NDT tests and core cutting to evaluate the existing foundations for strength and durability. Routine tests may be conducted to evaluate the foundations in case of doubt or in case of capacity enhancement of the site. The outcome of this analysis will determine our strengthening solutions and get them executed. Whether it’s a Tower antenna, Rooftop equipment, or an entire Water tank that needs to be analyzed, C-AFRICA has a dedicated Telecom team to create a structurally viable solution. C-AFRICA has carried out structural stability analysis on a wide range of Telecom transmission establishment structures across the nation; including yet not constrained to: 

  • Housetops, Water tanks, Tree shafts, Transmission towers, Clock towers, Steeples, Interior structures, Screen dividers, Temp locales, cell-on-wheels (COW), and innumerable others.

Tower Structure Analysis Design Project

We provide feasibility reports of building for rooftop towers, poles, monopoles, mast towers, Self-supporting mast towers, etc. If a building is not feasible, then we provide a building stability fail certificate for a tower with proper justification and technical details. C-AFRICA engineers provide expert structural stability analysis, construction engineering, and consulting services for the Telecom industry throughout Tanzania. Our portfolio incorporates structural stability analysis and plans for stonework, wood, steel, cement, and FRP structures. C-AFRICA team of experts gives the structural plan, from the foundation to help the surrounding structure including antenna mount and equipment platform design structure.

Loads And Conditions

The outcome of the design data review and where necessary the structural survey is fed into the analysis program, to determine the operating loads and conditions for the intended design life of the tower/mast. The important design loads include;

  • Ancillaries self-weight, Ice and Wind action, Feeders self-weight, Ice and Wind action, Ancillaries support steel and fixings self-weight, Ice and Wind action (to include face-frames, head-frames, and delta-frames), and Tower/mast self-weight, Ice and Wind action.

    Tower strengthening and sustainable design

Telecom towers are increasingly being replaced due to exceeding the stress utilization of 1.0. In such cases, our teams will consider tower strengthening and re-assessment and will make efforts to safely reuse the existing telecom tower in the proposed upgrade. We collect the data of existing buildings during visual inspection and observation for Rooftop sites like;

  • Building structural configuration, Building utilization since construction, The existing condition of a building, Structural cracking like the beam, Column, Slab cracking, Foundation settlements, Environment effects if any, and Analysis of the building for tower loading.

C-AFRICA telecom is a partner that helps clients succeed in solving structural stability-related problems. Our expert team will provide breadth, depth, and an easy way of service.

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