About Us

Since beginning as a small engineering service provider in 2018, we have gained a track record for delivering high-quality projects to our clients.

Company Establishment

C-AFRICA is an engineering technology company that was officially established in 2019.


We provide a wide range of services to our clients in the field of Real Estate, Telecom, Construction, and Energy sector while pioneering the intersection of technology and business in each of these industries.


Our vast range of services means that we have been able to affect change in several sectors and gain unprecedented insight and expertise into some of the most recent technological advancements in business.

Who Are We

Who We Are

You already know who we are as a company and what we can accomplish but to understand what we are capable of and how we can help you, you need to be familiar with our team members and what comprises our company.


On staff, we have some of the most talented individuals on the continent who each share a passion for achieving personal and business goals. Every employee that we take on board also shares our belief in this company as a customer-centric organisation that will do anything possible to help our clients succeed.


Our company can achieve this culture and winning attitude by being extremely selective with our staff and fostering an environment that attracts some of the most skilled professionals in the world. Our strong team is comprised of around 23 skilled individuals who can work together seamlessly and quickly to provide some of the very best services and results in the industry.

Our guarantee

Because of the confidence that we have in our staff, services, and solutions, we can offer a guarantee on all of the services and solutions that we offer to our clients. When you work with our company, we guarantee satisfaction with all of our services and we will work tirelessly to ensure that you are happy with our approach and strategy to your unique problems.

Our Policy

C-AFRICA adheres to company policies that are designed to ensure we operate our business to meet or exceed customer expectations, meet all legal requirements, and uphold Environmental, Health & Safety measures.

Years Of Industry Experience


If you are looking to work with a firm that knows this industry inside and out while also having experienced almost every situation or dilemma out there, then C-AFRICA is a great choice. We have over years of experience in relevant technical experience and have mastered our craft to a level of high expertise. We have refined our solutions to allow for faster and more effective customization of intelligent problem solving and business techniques.


If you have an idea or problem related to your business in Real Estate, Telecom, Power, or Construction services that have been holding your business back, get in touch with us to learn how we have helped several others in your situation overcome their dilemmas and thrive with our solutions. What makes C-AFRICA unique is that our engineers don’t merely give you answers, they transplant wisdom into your organization that could otherwise only be gained by getting real industry experience, and going through the costly experience of trial & error.


You’ll learn from our engineers, who can walk you through the entire process and take charge of the problems that you’re having. They have access to the best tools and equipment for each industry and when used in combination with our years of experience, any problem can be solved. Our aim is not just to help you solve your problems, but to be an effective and cooperative partner for your business.

Meet Our Professional Team

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