5 Steps To Buy Your Dream House

C-AFRICA Realtors has come up with the best ingredients needed to Buy your dream house in just 5 simple steps

Buying your dream house, just preparing a hearty meal for your special guests, should never be done either in a rush or without a proper strategy. Drawing a strategy will save you the anxiety, burden, and pressure that comes with finding money, or a mortgage to make this dream a reality. For starters, look at the process of buying a dream house just like one sweet recipe.  Then this recipe requires some ingredients and once all the ingredients are on the table, carve out a method that will help you deliver that hearty recipe.

How to buy your dream house in just 5 simple steps

Decide on your dream home plan and outlook

Sit down, take a pen and paper, and list down key features of your dream home. Your dream house should be one that makes you happy and one that meets all your needs. Work out the location, neighborhood, proximity to the road, and the number of bedrooms you want, whether you need a swimming pool or a simple garden to host your parties, and the design of the house that you want.

Draw up a budget

After identifying the features of your dream home, you can now draw up your budget. Look at the cost of the home and then decide how much money you will need to save each month. Calculate your expenses against your income to determine what you need to save. A good budget will help you set up a saving strategy for your dream home.

Identify the right mortgage plan

Getting the right mortgage is one of the most important ingredients needed in searching for your dream home. Identify the home loan options available in your local banks. Compare the interest rates and the terms of the mortgage repayment schedule. This is an important step that requires deep thought and it is important that you consult a professional in case you feel stuck in a rut.

Narrow down your dream house options

The cost of mortgage facilities available drives you to your dream house options. At this point, you may opt to buy either a home that has all the fixtures and fittings or an empty one where you are ready to incur the extra costs of fixtures and fittings. But the most important at this stage is to find a house that fits within your budget.

Pre-purchase strategy

Now that the dream house is almost in your hands, it is important to get the expertise of a housing inspector to carry out a pre-purchase property inspection to identify any building defects such as cracks in the walls, weak beams, and protruding electric wires. The inspector writes a report which can be used to strike a final deal with the home seller.


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