Site Hardening Services


C-AFRICA’s designers and construction experts recognize the benefits of adhering to the site grounding and electrical industry standards developed by major manufacturers like Harris and Motorola. We also recognize that sites constructed in strict accordance with grounding standards stand a better chance of surviving weather-related problems than those that have not been constructed according to standards. A thorough adherence to site development standards will guarantee security. We focus on on-site security and site hardening processes. Our tower operators take proactive steps to protect telecom towers, transmitters, and transmission wires from both human and environmental threats.

Site Security

We built a tower to such rigorous standards, which gives the necessary strength to survive the worst natural disasters during their life cycles.

We Secure Transmitter Sites And Buildings By Following These Steps
  • Enclosing the site with razor wire-topped wire mesh
  • Eliminating glass windows and non-metal entrances
  • Installing alarms on the doors
  • Installing security cameras
  • Keeping grass and bush trimmed to minimize wildfire damage

    Site Hardening Process At Transmitter Houses And Transmitter Buildings

    We pay attention to details at the sites focusing on cable layout, strict quality control in the installation of equipment, and interconnecting cabling. We encase tower anchors and bases with heavy steel to prevent the possibility of vital cables being either damaged or cut.

  • Secure transmitter houses installed in two-way radio sites with reinforced and precast concrete
  • Use heavy-duty cranes to lower the transmitter buildings onto concrete pads
  • Add thick steel doors and enclose the cables in rigid PVC
  • Two-way radio operators are reinforced using the sub-tetra-controlled environment vault power-wave technologies
  • Our teams will then reinforce this with watertight fiberglass buried below the concrete
  • Leaving a smooth surface slab disguised with a park-looking bench
  • A gasket rain shelter is used to shelter the sub-tetra from floodwater
  • For servicing purposes, our technicians will activate the inbuilt hydraulic elevator which lifts the transmitter above the round for easy access
  • We shall encase valuable copper in PVC pipes to protect it from thieves
  • We then tack weld the gates, to make them immovable and stronger.

    Site Hardening Against Threats


    Shelters are also designed to meet wind load specifications. We use Dual HVAC systems to ensure that equipment can be maintained in the event of a single HVAC failure. The transmitter site’s electrical system is equipped with a power-line conditioner to prevent carrier-current transmissions. The power line conditioner is sealed and inspected regularly.

    Network Operations Center

    We recognize the attraction of transmitter houses to theft and we have put in place systems to strengthen security and protect the transmitters from thefts. We have security cameras to reinforce security. To provide continuous, high-performance communications capability, we have a 24/7/365 Network Operations Center ready to provide the necessary capabilities and services,

  • Performance monitoring
  • Event logging
  • Trouble-ticketing User point of contact to report service issues and user problems
  • Service the needs of multiple agencies

  • C-AFRICA’s extreme engagement with hardening processes in Telecom which involve in/outdoor sites from the vagaries of natural disasters and human errors.