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Refurbishments And Upgrade

Presently we are dealing with active and passive maintenance of telecom C-AFRICA has the expertise to maximize the life of your diesel and biodiesel generator, with a comprehensive refurbishment assessment, designed to save you money. C-AFRICA team of engineers offers a full range of mechanical and electrical refurbishments, they upgrade facilities, to improve the reliability of existing generating units. C-AFRICA team of electrical engineers are able to upgrade most types of powered generators from the world’s leading original equipment manufacturers, including;

  • Cummins, Lister Petter, Deutz, Staunch, Generator Logic, Mahindra, Isuzu, DC HPU, Perkins, and Yanmar

We conduct site surveys and discussions with our clients. This survey is designed to establish the operational requirement for any refurbishment service.

Refurbishment Services Include;

  • Repaint, Genset rewiring, Engine overhaul, AC alternator rewinding and refurbishment, Electronic control and switchgear upgrade, Acoustic upgrades, Cooling system, flushed and cleaned, Bio-diesel conversion to manufacturers’ recommendations.

We give our clients the option to upgrade control panels to the latest technology, making the generator more responsive and efficient. We also carry out canopy and enclosure refurbishment including lighting and any other electrical upgrades. As electronics and electrical continually evolve, we realize that refurbishing the generator controls is one of the most cost-effective ways of extending its life. Our work then focuses on ensuring that both engines and alternators have a long service life in standby applications. We provide refurbishment of your current control units to complete replacement with the latest panels and provide you with guarantees for increased reliability and confidence that your generator will perform to its highest capability with maximum protection in an emergency breakdown or normal run situation.

Generator Maintenance

To help you achieve optimal performance for your generator, our team of highly trained technicians provides comprehensive technical and customer support options to meet everyday needs and challenges. Our field service staff assist you to achieve increased reliability of your standby and base load systems, which translate directly to your bottom line. Our team of fully trained engineers will provide you with excellent national and international service 24 hours a day. We maintain diesel-powered generators ranging from 3KW to 4MW, including specialist ancillary equipment, and offer long-term maintenance contracts.

Power Products

We offer a wide range of systems developed and engineered in the house including;

Part Of AC

  • Generators (AC & DC)-from 9kVA to 2500 kVA
  • Solar & Hybrid power systems (OFF/ON Grid)
  • Gas turbines up to 100MW

Part Of DC

  • Batteries  any power outage puts telecommunications systems at risk of failing to operate. In the event of AC loss, backup telecom batteries ensure that these systems continue to operate to prevent avoidable downtime.
  • DC power systems  C-AFRICA provides technical solutions to ensure telecommunications systems are constantly operating. We distribute panels, converters, and power systems. We provide full turnkey installations, maintenance, and repairs to minimize downtime and costs.
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