C-AFRICA caters to the retail, manufacturing, and industrial concrete needs of general contractors, developers, and owners throughout Tanzania. We use quality materials and adhere to local and national standards. Our proven concrete construction practices result in the timely completion of top-quality projects. We provide high quality, timely performance, and competitive pricing on projects for our customers. This saves our contractors and clients the hassle of identifying multiple subcontractors to deal with specific components of the project.

Our Services Include
  • Foundations
  • Ground Beams and bases
  • Suspended ground bearing
  • In situ concrete frames
  • Floor slabs
  • Basement car parks
  • Tanking systems

    Our ProcessCustomer Contact And Discussion
    With hundreds of concrete projects completed, C-AFRICA builds everything from basement car parks to industrial buildings and manufacturing facilities. We approach every project with the goal of delivering the highest-performing concrete structure for the least in the shortest amount of time.At C-AFRICA, we establish and maintain close relationships with our partners to evaluate construction options, develop concepts, and produce value engineering. Designers, developers, and general contractors have often contacted us for our valuable experience.

    Assembling The Concrete Design TeamCreate Project Scope And Budget
    We assemble a full design team needed to ensure the success of your project with architects, structural engineers, civil engineers, or speciality designers for cast-in-place multi-story construction, tilt-up construction, or post-tension concrete.We work with our clients from the first sketch, through the various stages of design development. At C-AFRICA our pride is in being able to appraise multiple scope options and various designs with utmost accuracy.

    Complete Contracts DrawingsFinalize Contract
    Drawings are completed in time if you engage C-AFRICA in the early, stages of the project. Contract drawings give you a final picture of complete pricing.A contract with C-AFRICA gives assures your engagement with the most qualified and competent turn-key concrete contractor.

    Organize A Working TeamConstruction
    Our teams focus on bringing your project to a rewarding completion. C-AFRICA teams of experts’ tasks with operating over site management, and supervision.Our safety personnel, project managers, superintendents, and support people focus on realizing a safely built, efficiently constructed, profitable project that comes on schedule and within budget.

    ResourcesOur Customers
    C-AFRICA maintains top-of-the-line, high-quality equipment, including motor graders, roller compactors, backhoes, tractor-trailers, and Belt cranes. We have what you need to ensure the timely completion of your project.We provide concrete construction services for some of Tanzania’s leading commercial contractors, developers, and end-users. Our work reflects not just the high-quality product we deliver, but the value we place on building lifelong relationships with our clients.

    At C-AFRICA safety is one of the most prized components of our organization. Our safety program utilizes safety committees, toolbox meetings, top management job site visits, and monthly job site safety audits.
    “We Ensure That Workers Are Safe, That Is Our Goal” – C-AFRICA Safety Officer.