Network Planning & Design

Network Planning and Design

C-AFRICA has over the past 04-years gained technical expertise and experience in network design and planning. Our network design services can help you achieve a low-cost network that exceeds customer’s expectations and boosts your revenues. Every network rolls out and technology upgrade requires well-planned and designed multi-vendor network solutions, to solve complex business problems. Making the right choices to maximise efficiency, profitability and reliability is all it takes to develop a demand-driven infrastructure network. To ensure your position in the network infrastructure, your network must be reliable, cost-effective and flexible.

Our Approach

C-AFRICA team of experts conduct research about broadband services, which is critical in identifying your competition and the availability of broadband speeds. We help you define what network elements, Systems, Processes and Data models are necessary and we analyse the various technologies available for both dense and sparsely populated areas. Once the research and analysis are complete, our technical experts formulate a phased build-out plan focusing on the areas with the highest likelihood for profitability and minimising risks of highly competitive areas in the initial stages. We also advise on the total spectrum required and the most effective channels and polarisations that may be used. Our highly qualified architects and engineers can address all your network needs, including;

C-AFRICA radio frequency planning tools incorporate the latest ITU guidelines and specifications to assist transmission network planners design multipoint networks, model business case scenarios, plan system expansions, re-engineer networks, and assist with network optimisation.

Benefits of C-AFRICA Network Design And Planning Services

C-AFRICA Network design services gives you the following business benefits;

C-AFRICA Customised Network Design Services For Special Requirements

We provide high level Network Designs based on specific equipment to meet your network needs;

C-AFRICA Detailed Network Engineering Design

We deliver detailed Engineering design specifications including circuit capacity and other design details;

We Deliver Packages That Target Your Needs

We offer customised network design services to fit your specific needs. Our engineering and design expertise will combine the innovative aspects of network engineering into one complete solution. Contact us to discuss your detailed network engineering project, and find out how C-AFRICA can help you to achieve a reliable network for your customers.

January 2022