Network Installation

C-AFRICA offers cable system Design, Installation, and Integration services over the spectrum of voice, data, electronic safety & security, and audio and video technologies. Our services encompass optical fiber, copper, and wireless-based distribution systems.


We have partnered with leading IT consultants, architects, systems furniture vendors, AV contractors, engineers, and general contractors to deliver our network installation services to industries, commercial accounts, manufacturing facilities, healthcare organizations, and government offices.

Network installation Services

Backbone Cabling

To achieve network flexibility, survivability, and higher bandwidth, C-AFRICA use Multi Pair voice cable, coax cable for video applications, and fiber optic cable to handle information technology system applications. We also connect telecom rooms, Equipment rooms, and Entrance facilities.

Horizontal Cabling

As a certified installation contractor, C-AFRICA provides Horizontal cabling services by connecting the end user’s Work area outlet to the telecom room. Our engineers install both cost-effective CAT5E designs and the highest bandwidth maximum density CAT6A systems.

We Also Offer

E-Node installation activities are carried out according to a site-specific installation plan and include;

  • Mounting and installation of Poles and RF antennas.
  • Setting azimuth and tilt as of the RF antennas as per the planned data installation and termination of radio feeder cables, jumpers and grounding cable installation of e-node B (or extension rack).
  • Plug-in units and all internal cables installation of the transmission cable, power cable, and power system.
  • Grounding cable and alarm cable for e-node B VSWR meter check.
  • Following quality and safety process/checklist throughout the workflow.
  • Integration of the E-Node B to ensure connectivity with the network.
  • Test calls done in order to check alarm free site.

C-AFRICA provides a well-conceived cable system design critical for accommodating newer, more demanding technologies and efficiently deploying new services. Our services include;

  • Surveillance and security
  • Solar energy
  • Metering of services (water, electric)
  • Fire and alarm
  • Mass notification
  • Building automation and controls
  • Video and campus communication
  • Message boards
  • Time and tracking

MW antenna installation activities are carried out according to site-specific installation plan and include;

  • Mounting and installation of MW antenna (0,3 mtr to 2.4 mtr MW antenna) on.
  • near end and far end.
  • Installation, routing, and termination of MW cables and racks.
  • Alignment of the MW antenna to get maximum efficient bandwidth.
  • Commissioning of the MW antenna with the network to ensure connectivity.

Our installation, packaging and logistics services include;

  • Installation of RF antenna, Radio frequency, Jumper, Power cables and accessories, de-installation of MW antennas and cables.
  • Installation of RF cabinet, MW racks, and all cards.
  • Installation of SMPS unit.
  • The packaging of equipment separately packaging of equipment separately with wooden box/bubble cover based on the size and weight of the equipment.
  • The size 5th weight of the equipment’s loading and unloading the equipment.

Reconciliation of material submission at warehouse and acceptance.

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