Network Deployment

The demand for turnkey network solutions by telecom operators remains high as the public demand for enhanced services creation and delivery, coupled with the need to accelerate time to market new services and optimize cost ownership.This demand requires a service provider who can install, commission and supply the equipment.


Gets you up and running through a single point of accountability. Our team can coordinate the integration and deployment of your network, and swiftly deliver either a new online environment or expand an existing one.


C-AFRICA telecom has built its capacity in wireless backhaul network deployment.

Professional Expert

We employ professional project and implementation managers, who can provide a range of technical implementation support and project management services.

Network Integration and Deployment Services Include;

We take complete responsibility for design, build and transfer of turnkey services without disrupting the running of the network operations.

Technical description:

Applications Target Groups: 


Network Deployment Services Involve Four Major Phases;

Assessment Phase:

This includes customer data and requirements gathering. C-AFRICA will provide a High-Level Design (HLD) document, a proposal containing details on the solution architecture, features, and services, integration plan, dimensioning and scalability.

Design Of The Solution:

C-AFRICA will provide the Low-Level Design (LLD), a document containing all the information and data needed to configure the solution elements. The contents are;
Detailed kit list.
Physical connectivity schemas.
IP addressing plan.

Preparation of configuration scripts:

Configuration is split into basic commissioning and full activation of all the features to speed up project deployment.

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