Your Home Is Our Home

Building a strong home is just like building a strong friendship; We believe it all comes down to honesty, trust, communication, and commitment. C-AFRICA is a complete design construction company dedicated to providing the construction industry with quality architecture, engineering, and construction services. Since 2019, our professional staff has completed over 50 projects as we have the best talent and expertise of selected civil engineers, we have been able to attract a wide range of clients including National Grid, SSE, Lee Valley Park Authority, and Centrica. C-AFRICA professionally trained, and highly experienced team operates under one common objective: To give our clients a great building experience!.

How We Do It

We are unique as we work for a select group of clients, as well as a few main contractors. We provide you with the right tools and skills that give value to your monetary investments and a personal touch deserved throughout the construction process. We carefully plan, select and resource our project team and assign our project manager as the single point of responsibility for all work on the contract. This helps speed up the time each project takes to complete. Because of Honesty, we deliver on our promises and make the entire construction experience from start to finish an extraordinary experience and enjoyable for each client.

The Process From Start To Finish

Our team of civil engineers will give you a positive building experience through a step-by-step building process providing continuous customer support.

Site Visits

Mobilizing enough internal and external resources; Setting up the infrastructure to deliver the service including premises, plant and equipment, and above all guiding you on managing your construction expenses. At C-AFRICA, we propose and agree with our client on the business processes needed to ensure the delivery of;

  • Quality
  • Budget control
  • Risk identification
  • Concluding all the contractual arrangements required before commencement
  • Healthy, and Safe environmental management processes including commercials

  • This paves the way for quality workmanship and ensures that materials are delivered through capable construction coordination to guarantee satisfactory completion. All fees are stated up-front at the beginning of each service we provide. We also organize and conclude all necessary pricing exercises required under the project and carry out and conclude all negotiations of terms and conditions.

    Are There Guarantees?

    The C-AFRICA construction team ensures compliance with the plan, through regular audits and monitoring. These reviews are designed to guarantee measurable progress, against the outputs including reviewing progress on program, commercial, safety, and production of information. Upon completion of the delivery phase, the delivery team will hold a closed-door meeting with the client’s leadership team, to review performance, and identify lessons, best practices, and knowledge to share across our business. With support from our exceptional customer care, C-AFRICA construction is dedicated to building either your home or commercial building by placing your needs and desires first.

    “Get your money’s worth by building with C-AFRICA”.