Design Services

Look no further, the right solution is C-AFRICA Technology. Our executive team comprises experienced leaders and our focus is to provide you with a hassle-free design and Pre –
construction experience.

  • Manage and administer the design including approvals and information flow.
  • Manage, coordinate and integrate the work of the design team including specialist designers and subcontractors.
  • Coordinate the design input of the design team.
  • Establish structural grid and floor levels.
  • Liaise with and obtain statutory approvals from the relevant authorities and agencies. (where applicable).
  • Ensure that the design team fulfils their obligations as required by the construction (Design and Management) regulations 2015.
  • Carry out a risk analysis of the design as it progresses.
  • Issue details of residual design risks to our client.
  • Check the progress of design information released to suit the agreed program.
  • Scrutinize and comment on subcontractors and specialists design and coordinate comments from others.
  • Liaise with the design manager to ensure the design production is programmed to allow sufficient time for cost checking, build ability issues, and compliance with the project brief, employer approval/amendments, and procurement of subcontractors/suppliers.