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C-AFRICA is a Global Design Company which create positive impact through different designs.

Design Service

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Through participation on numerous projects C-AFRICA has shaped the form and function of various Buildings. The studio has delivered complete designs for products such as chairs or cable end fittings just as it did for High rise Buildings, Trade Fairs, Stadia Residential Buildings, Temporary Structures or Urban Objects so on and so forth then you certainly have arrived at right place. A common feature in all these Designs is their high formal quality, the shaping, right down to the smallest detail, and the high level of functionality.

C-AFRICA has develop designs built according to formal quality, Constructive Logic, Lightness, and Transparency. Our tried and true creative process makes design perfect. With our global community that loves to collaborate well turn your great ideas into a custom design you can’t get anywhere else. Get a custom design you’ll love with our global creative platform, C-AFRICA is the best place to find talented designers to grow your business with high grade of complexity and an extremely high degree of formal quality are the result of this approach.


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We partner with our clients becoming a part of their development team to understand their vision, business objectives, and market opportunities. We consider market, financial, political and historical conditions as a way to guide a project’s design. We value our clients and treat each project irrespective of the scale as unique and a potential benefactor of sustainable design. C-AFRICA is able to provide service tailored specifically to the individual needs of each client, Develops designs built according to formal quality, Constructive logic, Lightness, and transparency.

For C-AFRICA Design, the designing process involves a reduction to the quintessential, at all times testing the limits of what is formally, physically and technically feasible. Minimized designs with high grade of complexity and an extremely high degree of formal quality are the result of this.


C-AFRICA provide the following services, and analysis services to clients worldwide on projects of every size and level of complexity.

  • Providing clients with highly targeted expertise and the best structural and civil engineering solutions in the industry
  • Design of structure
  • Architecture
  • Material and supervision

Achieving harmony between function, materials, form, and design of all building components is one of the greatest goals of architecture. The people of C-AFRICA have one vision, and that’s to see the possibilities to our clients objectives and make them happen, whatever the challenge, we do this in a manner that’s rewarding to all. When we say that we are driven by the challenge, what we’re really saying is that we take our clients’ challenges as our own. We appreciate what clients do, the responsibilities they shoulder, the risks they assume, and the possibilities they create.

We have the ability to make the world work a little better each day.

General Planning

C-AFRICA experts have gathered diverse specialist knowledge and thus guarantee a high level of planning professionalism and creativity.

Our service equally includes:

  • General planning, i.e. the combined provision of all kinds of consultancy, services necessary for achieving a highly functional
  • Fully sustainable and aesthetically pleasing building, and offers all services in this field from a single source. Instead of many contractors, the client has to deal with only one responsible partner, the general planning at C-AFRICA includes all architectural and engineering services, starting with the first concept to acceptance and the removal of deficiencies.

Projects in which C-AFRICA takes responsibility for general planning include:

  • Office buildings, Residential buildings, Educational facilities, Museums and Stadia

The contract comprises various partial performances which may be coordinated with:

  • Object design, Structural engineering, Facade engineering, Life-cycle engineering, and Climate engineering. In doing so we always take a holistic approach, be it with regard to an individual building, its interior or the surrounding urban cityscape.

Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing

C-AFRICA engineering service mission is to become the leading provider of High-Quality Professionals Engineering service to our clients. We deliver certainty to cost, function and schedule on all projects. Acknowledging that in a company like our staff ethos and culture are the key elements which differentiate us from our competitors. We seek to develop creative, innovative and sustainable energy-efficient design solutions.


  • Very strong client focus
  • Our people their expertise and experience
  • Flexible approach
  • Track record of successful project completion
  • Offers a one-stop-shop approach
  • Certainty of cost, schedule and function

Key sustainability principles are integrated seamlessly into all our MEP designs, ensuring that clients receive carefully considered designs, which maximize on natural resources (such as daylight and renewable energy) whilst being conscious of the construction budget, modern design practices, robust design and future operations. We have significant experience working in emerging markets, ensuring our designs are appropriate for local regulations and construction practices.

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