C-AFRICA specialized in all type of Home improvement and Renovations, Harness lean processes, Cutting edge, Technologies and Inventive construction methods to deliver customized solutions.

To provides construction solutions that accelerate speed to market with predictable outcomes in cost and time.

To provide full-service construction and home improvement.We strive to provide outstanding service to satisfy each and every client.

Construction Services


We facilitate both design and construction by organizing people, materials and equipment. We partner with clients design teams and builders to deliver projects that set new standards in quality, cost savings and timelines.

In House Design

Interest together with construction entities, architecture and engineering, we approach project into account with our designers and construction experts working in partnership with builders all over the lifetime of a project.

Delivery Method

This delivery method meets client needs by bringing collaboration, shortening project delivery, obtaining the best possible competitive pricing, guaranteeing cost and schedule-intensify certainty of outcome.

Modular Design And Construction


C-AFRICA modular design team take it one step further as general contractor and his team approach your project with the expertise, we bring to all of our constructions projects when it comes to modular building, that expertise translates into even greater savings of time, money, and stress. 


We are not limited by factory capabilities, like our competitors no matter what your design and space requirements, C-AFRICA will source, procure, design, and build in a time frame that will meet or exceed your expectations, regardless of the sophistication of your project.


C-AFRICA help to add value with our team by providing both cost estimating expertise and peace of mind. We completely integrate our cost estimators into project teams to ensure accurate alignment with the budget, the avoidance costly and time consuming redesigns.

Pre Construction Services

At C-AFRICA Company, we believe the majority of value management opportunities occur in the design and planning stages of a project. We focus on working collaboratively with the design team to understand the needs of the client, the design concept, and project objectives

Our pre-construction team provides a bridge between design and construction planning that empowers each client with an in depth cost analysis.

Program Management

From simple to complex getting it done right, is our top priority, C-AFRICA brings good ideas to life. No matter how big or small the venture. Our processes, tools and technique help organizations prioritize the right project at the right time, and then we serve as the critical point of leverage with resources, tools, vendors to get everything from simple projects to complex programs done right, managing end-to-end scope and schedule, cost, quality and assessment in ways that build internal capabilities.

Public-Private Partnerships

Generally recognized that a public-private partnership at C-AFRICA program offers a long-term, sustainable approach to improving social infrastructure, enhancing the value of public assets, helping clients in create early business plans, providing design and construction services or managing the overall delivery process, as well as strategic recommendations, that are carefully crafted to deliver a successful project that exceeds expectations.

Structural Stability
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