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C-AFRICA has over 3-years experience gained in technical expertise and experience in network design together with our measurement and control devices, provide our customers with complete intelligent solutions.


C-AFRICA Telecom assists its clients by providing a single point of contact, handling project management, on-site management of all the various complex undertakings of a project.


Our personnel has extensive Telecom & Power experience services, we understand the importance of interface management and ensure effective communication at all project levels.


Depending on our role, we can provide our clients with a full Operation & Maintenance services, adding design development and value engineering to our range of services.

What We Offer


C-AFRICA has the expertise to maximize the life of your Diesel and Biodiesel Generator, with a comprehensive…


C-AFRICA’s Operation and Maintenance (O&M) is resolved to give adaptable, incorporated, trustworthy, financially savvy and…

Network Services

Well-Designed network infrastructure is essential to business success and long-term survival. The experts at C-AFRICA…

Structural Analysis

From conducting Technical audits on new or existing sites to due diligence, tower capacity assessment, strengthening…

Site Builds

Our commitment to customized site build is based on years of experience and skills that enable us to handle…

Site Hardening

C-AFRICA’s designers and construction experts recognize the benefits of adhering to the site grounding…

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