Customized Site Builds

C-AFRICA provides unique solutions customized for your specific telecom needs.

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Customize site

C-AFRICA Telecom provides complete turn-key installations, testing, upgrades as well as full site and equipment maintenance. We also offer customized power solutions for Cable, Broadband & Data Networks across the country. We provide solutions including DC plants, Batteries distribution, UPS system, Inverters, cable management & accessories.

Our demonstrated reputation in acquiring the absolute most troublesome zoning offers our customers significant confidence in the site improvement process.

Our commitment to customized site build is based on years of experience and skills that enable us to handle a range of needs including new telecom site builds, tower collocations, rooftop collocations, and site or rooftop management for property owners.

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Customize Site Build

C-AFRICA’s comprehensive customized site build installation programs are supported by our expert Engineers, who provide turn-key solutions for small, medium and large scopes for Outside plant, Hub, and Headend applications.

New Site Builds

C-AFRICA teams have the experience and ability to navigate through difficult jurisdictions to get zoning approvals and permits to develop new Telecom sites.

  • Zoning approval, and Permitting

Our clients will be assisted to get legal support to streamline this troublesome and profoundly factor component of the site improvement process.

C-AFRICA teams have the experience and ability to navigate through difficult jurisdictions to get zoning approvals and permits to develop new Telecom sites..

C-AFRICA will arrange

Meeting With Zoning.

Jurisdiction – Consummation of all required zoning and building permit applications.

The readiness of zoning and building permit materials.

Co-ordination with outside legal counsel if it necessitates.

Conveyance of zoning approval and building permit.

Participation and presentation at all public hearings.


Legislative Endorsements

C-AFRICA can likewise help with getting other legislative endorsements such as;


C-AFRICA customized site builds is backed by consistent results for the biggest carriers and tower companies in Tanzania.

C-AFRICA can help you to anchor space on different towers and housetops spread across the country, We have built a good relationship with the majority of the top tower organizations and bearers in Tanzania and we utilize those connections to facilitate our customers’ collocation needs each day.

Notwithstanding furnishing help with conventional site collocations, C-AFRICA Engineers have both internal and external experience gaining premium housetop space at the most focused costs and rent terms accessible. From the most punctual phases of your tasks to the very end, our group is committed to working up and connecting for you.

Our goal is to provide oversight and streamline the collocation process from tenant acquisition, through lease execution, and long term site management. We additionally have expert staff that can direct and deal with your roof speculation long or present moment. 

For everybody included, we will likely give oversight and streamline the collocation procedure from occupant procurement, through rent execution, and long haul site. C-AFRICA will help you to market and arrange a housetop rent with terms that are amiable to the two parties.

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