Structural Engineering

C-Africa is a national company that aim is to rehabilitates this Structure, Building Enclosures, Materials and with overall Architectural intention. Our engineers have a deep understanding of the architectural intention and the architect to have an understanding of the possibilities and limitations of the supporting structure.

C-Africa provide the following services, and analysis services to clients worldwide on projects of every size and level of complexity.

  • Providing clients with highly targeted expertise and the best structural and civil engineering solutions in the industry.
  • Design of structure.
  • Architecture.
  • Material and supervision.

Achieving harmony between function, materials, form, and design of all building components is one of the greatest goals of architecture. The people of C-Africa have one vision, and that’s to see the possibilities to our clients objectives and make them happen, whatever the challenge, we do this in a manner that’s rewarding to all. When we say that we are driven by the challenge, what we’re really saying is that we take our clients’ challenges as our own. We appreciate what clients do, the responsibilities they shoulder, the risks they assume, and the possibilities they create.

We have the ability to make the world work a little better each day.

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