The plan of a large Real Estate Management, Commercial building and Individual Property are highly complex task that requires a high planning ability potential especially regarding the ever-increasing demands to modern architecture, profitability, and sustainability.

C-Africa plans and work front line individually with  projects in line with the requirements and not only designs but also engineers highly sophisticated structures and facades.

Our service equally includes:

  • General planning, i.e. the combined provision of all kinds of consultancy, services necessary for achieving a highly functional,
  • Fully sustainable and aesthetically pleasing building, and offers all services in this field from a single source.

Instead of many contractors, the client has to deal with only one responsible partner, the general planner at C-Africa include all architecture and engineering services.

The service range of the general planning contract includes all architectural and engineering services, starting with the first concept to acceptance and the removal of deficiencies.

Projects in which C-Africa takes responsibility for general planning include:

  • Office buildings.
  • Residential buildings.
  • Educational facilities.
  • Museums.
  • Stadia.

The contract comprises various partial performances which may be coordinated:

  • Object design, Structural engineering, Facade engineering, Life-cycle engineering, and Climate engineering. In doing so we always take a holistic approach, be it with regard to an individual building, its interior or the surrounding urban cityscape.

C-Africa experts have gathered diverse specialist knowledge and thus guarantee a high level of planning professionalism and creativity.

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