Network Operations Center

Today’s ever-changing IT and telecommunications landscape requires not just routine security assessments, but rather a fast identification and corrective action of network vulnerabilities to reduce threats to your network.

C-AFRICA network operations centre (NOC) provides highly-specialized pro-active monitoring support and management service for your network to ensure compliance and reduce threats to your network.

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services include;

Fault and incident management, problem management, performance management and management of third-party links. Our engineers utilize IT infrastructure and automated monitoring tools to ensure functionality and reliable infrastructure.


C-AFRICA Noc has a network monitoring system that can monitor the status of IP based on equipment such as Routers, Servers, Alarm panels, and Access control systems. C-AFRICA have well-trained staff to monitor network devices and ensure the functionality and reliable infrastructure.


Our Noc monitors networks alarms, filter out false alerts, and escalate issues to the technical team.


In case of disruptions in the system network, we ensure that all systems and associated networks are monitored, and a clear audit trail of all activities is submitted to the client on either a weekly or monthly basis.

C-AFRICA teams can track down any problems that require urgent attention and resolve them while ensuring minimal disruption to the network availability.


monitoring services include;

Fault & troubleshooting management

We assess and identify current and anticipated resource shortages, identify technical support issues, and suggest key decisions needed to resolve a problem.

24×7 monitoring of all devices

In response incident alerts, our staff will respond according to emergency plans and standard operating procedures, to plan, direct, coordinate and maintain an operationally functioning Noc, until the issues are resolved.

Root cause analysis support & reporting

C-AFRICA teams can analyze the problems root causes, performing troubleshooting, and communicate with site technicians to track down the problems and resolve them. Access remote infrastructure, alarm monitoring, and resolution.


Network operation centre monitors all alarms and any conditions that may require special attention in order to avoid impact on your network performance include;

KPI measurement

We provide corrective and preventive maintenance for NOC operations. We have a technical support department, which assists with the administration of alarm information, key holders and conducts scheduled tests of the alarm systems, to ensure that the systems are operational when needed.

Backup & Recovery support management

We pride ourselves in ensuring consistent end-to-end network availability based on quick detection and effective mitigation of incidents. We provide around-the-clock Monitoring and management. 

Scheduled and ad hoc reports

Every incident is reported, logged and handled by our Noc experts. You’ll receive SMS or email alerts and reports on link availability.

Deployment, update, and customization of the monitor set

Noc provides a single point of the contact call center as part of our integrated solutions. Our clients can alert us about maintenance and service calls which are logged into the system, creating a job card which is tracked and monitored for completion.

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