Drilling Services

With over 4-years of experience, C-AFRICA has gained the reputation of combining expertise with the latest drilling technology to deliver high standards of quality work.

c-a_drilling & piling

C-AFRICA team of qualified commissioned planners and industry specialists guide you right from the construction to the expense planning phases of the drilling contract. We’re committed to providing the highest-quality coverage at the most competitive rates.

Feasibility planning – We provide alignment to assist developers and industry specialists to plan new projects efficiently and also help you find and analyse alternatives.

Detailed planning & Design – C-AFRICA will give you the technical expertise to build a complex model of the infrastructure-including;

  • Bridges, road signs, Pipes, Manholes, and Cables.

Estimating & Bidding – Linear construction and maintenance projects present unique challenges because the work is not performed in a single location. With C-AFRICA you can plan and manage your projects more effectively.

Planning & Scheduling – We incorporate design details, construction challenges, and the project schedule into one view, so contractors, project owners, and civil engineers can plan and manage linear projects more effectively.

Execute construction – C-AFRICA’s site solutions help improve efficiency and productivity while minimising waste and expense throughout the life of the project.

As-built signs off– We construct information from across the project to pave the way for advanced, near real-time reporting for progress payments.

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