C-Africa is a global design company which create positive impact through different designs.


Are you in search for products Designs?

Through participation on numerous projects C-Africa has shaped the form and function of various Buildings. The studio has delivered complete designs for products such as chairs or cable end fittings just as it did for High rise Buildings, Trade Fairs, Stadia Residential Buildings, Temporary Structures or Urban Objects so on and so forth then you certainly have arrived at right place. A common feature in all these Designs is their high formal quality, the shaping, right down to the smallest detail, and the high level of functionality.


C-Africa has develop designs built according to formal quality, Constructive Logic, Lightness, and Transparency. Our tried and true creative process makes design perfect. With our global community that loves to collaborate well turn your great ideas into a custom design you can’t get anywhere else.

Get a custom design you’ll love with our global creative platform, C-Africa is the best place to find talented designers to grow your business with high grade of complexity and an extremely high degree of formal quality are the result of this approach.

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