Civil Works


Civil Works

C-AFRICA provides efficient, cost-effective planning and engineering services to develop sites that meet our client’s specific functional, artistic and environmental goals. Backed by a strong team of experienced civil and site engineers, we work closely with landscape architects, geotechnical and environmental engineers, environmental scientists, traffic engineers, and surveyors to meet the needs of clients, architects, contractors, and institutional and government agencies. Over the past 05-years, C-AFRICA civil engineers have delivered a range of civil engineering projects such as;

  • Roadworks and earth concrete structure and Utility designs –  Our civil engineers have left a footprint on basements and retaining walls, hard standings, complex infrastructure projects, and drainage.

Our Services

Site Planning – At C-AFRICA, we are committed to creating an exciting, properly designed space, based on the user’s needs, because we believe site planning is the central pillar of any land development project. Our expert civil engineers plan each site as a unique project, taking advantage of both man-made and natural elements to create appealing and functional sites. Services include:

  • Feasibility studies, Master and site planning, Legal descriptions, Environmental assessments, Geotechnical engineering, and Permit processing and zoning.

Landscape Architecture Planning And Design – Our staff is experienced in all areas of landscape architecture design and planning. The team works closely with our engineering and environmental professionals to give contextual and sustainable design solutions for;

  • Residential, Commercial, Educational, Recreational, Transportation, and Municipal projects.

Services include;

  • Residential and neighborhood design, Entrance features and signage, and Campus design and environmental planning among others.

Residential Home Development

Drawing from the full resources of the firm, the C-AFRICA team of civil engineers coordinates permits for projects ranging from single-family developments to high-rise urban condominium complexes.

We also prepare for;

  • Grading, Paving, Utility, Stormwater management and erosion, and sediment control plans. Creative planning and problem-solving are at the heart of our residential home development projects.

Other services provided are;

  • Plot plans, Stormwater management, Site feasibility studies, and Geotechnical engineering.

Commercial Buildings Development

Economics, sustainability, and marketability are central to our commercial building projects because our civil engineers believe that commercial development is an economic necessity that brings people together. C-AFRICA provides a full slate of engineering and design services ranging from office buildings to large regional retail and business centers.

Services include;

  • Site feasibility studies, Site engineering, Sediment and erosion control, stormwater management and site, and Pad grading plans.

We also carry out;

  • Percolation test plans, Water, Sewer, and storm drain design, Environmental assessments, Geotechnical engineering, Mechanical engineering, Permit processing, Zoning, and Construction management.
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