C-Africa is an architecture service company formed in Tanzania. We provides its clients with innovative design solutions that are both functional, inspiring products and service that cover Chairs or Cable end fittings, just as it does for Bridges, Towers, Trade fair stands, Temporary structures, Houses or Urban objects.

We should not ask how did we use to work and live, but how shall we work and live in the future. The answer to this question requires an unconditional anticipation of what the future holds in store a method which occasionally may lead us in the wrong direction but which is the only way in terms of being intellectually justifiable.

How we work

We partner with our clients becoming a part of their development team to understand their vision, business objectives, and market opportunities. We consider market, financial, political and historical conditions as a way to guide a project’s design.

We value our clients and treat each project irrespective of the scale as unique and a potential benefactor of sustainable design. C-Africa is able to provide service tailored specifically to the individual needs of each client, Develops designs built according to formal quality, Constructive logic, Lightness, and transparency.  For C-Africa Design, the designing process involves a reduction to the quintessential, at all times testing the limits of what is formally, physically and technically feasible. Minimized designs with high grade of complexity and an extremely high degree of formal quality are the result of this.

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